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Brief Introduction to ZYUFL

Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages is a full-time institute of tertiary education established under the consent of the National Ministry of Education.

Located in the city of Shaoxing, the hometown of Luxun, the history of this university can be traced to the days of Shaoxing Yuexiu Foreign Languages School, which was founded in 1981 by Shao Hongshu, a renowned educationalist and nephew of Shao Lizi (Shao Lizi was well-known as the 'Old man of Peace'). Mr. Wei Fengjiang, the only Chinese student of the Indian poet Tagore, was the first headmaster of the institute.

At present, the university has two campuses, namely, the Jishan Campus and the Jinhu Campus. It has 9 colleges, namely, College of English, College of Euro-languages, College of Oriental Languages, College of International Business, College of International Education, College of Internet Communication, College of Adult Education, The International College, and a Foundation College for overseas studies. The university, offering 36 majors to students of undergraduate and higher vocational levels, is the largest of its kind in terms of the number of registered students and languages courses opened.

Presently, the university has approximately 10,790 full-time undergra